We offer Sectional barges in any size from 20'x8'x3' up to 60'x12'x7'.
All barges are built to order. We have standard specs for  our custom built barges.
There are several pictures below showing barges we have built and details and specs on them
 and the size of each set. Enjoy, and please call or email with any questions.
Every custom barge sold is designed and built to meet the customers required needs.

Pair of 50'x12'x5' raked sections with a 1/2" thick x 36" tall containment wall,
12'x16' ramp with 8" square removable king post and manual winches. 2-12"  spud wells.
These guys load 100 tons on this barge, look at the water lines.

Pair of 40'x10'x4' raked sections with a 12" head log 1/2" thick.  
All 1/4" steel hull with 1/4" transverse bulk head at 20'. 3"x3"x1/4" angle transverse truss frames
spaced at 18" apart. Connector angles are 6"x4"x5/8" welded solid to the hull with 1.75" dia.
holes drilled at 48" apart. Connector pins are 1.5" dia. x 48" long with point and square cap.
Each hull has 2 -18" flush mounted access hatches and 3-18" solid steel kevels
Standard epoxy: DEVOE'S   BAR RUST 235  HAZE GRAY

  45'x24'x6'  HEAVY ROCK BARGE 
Pair of 45'x12'x6'  Raked with containment wall.
All 3/8" steel hull with 5"x3"x1/2" angle transverse truss frames spaced 18" apart.
Deck plate is 1.5" thick. Containment wall is 36" tall and 1" thick with 1" thick gussets.

This barge was designed and built for the use in a dredging application where a water pump
 would push boulders weighing from 5 lbs to 5,000 lbs up and over the slide shoot and crash land onto
the deck of the barge.  The issue of destroying barges was resolved when they came to me and said,
" Joe we need you to build a barge that will be able to take this beating "
This barge is still in service and has zero deck deflection issues.


Boats and Barges supplied to Boat Dock Works

    50'x12'x5' with rub rails and containment walls                              60'x12'x4' Being sand blasted

Pair of 30'x12'x3' Raked barges with spuds
                              Pair of 40'x12'x4' Sectional Docks

      35'x12'x3' With sectional side pontoons

40'x20'x4' Raked Sectional Barge with Hydraulic powered ramps and 
20'x8'x3' J-Boat

We build to Your specs or Ours

    50'x24'x4' Sectional with 36" tall containment wall.                            70'x30'x4' Sectional Fuel Barge

                   Our Standard Framing is 3"x3"x1/4" angle frames spaced 18" apart

Thanks for taking the time to look at our Custom Sectional Barge page.
Options are endless, and we can build any specialty size you need.
Please call or email if you have any questions or need a quote today.
Joe Breeck
J&J BoatWorks, Inc.

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