I started J&J BoatWorks in 1997. Prior to starting my business I grew up in the marine fabrication business, and it was a part of my life growing up. Since I was a young boy I was around the shop. Welding, torching, grinding, building, and paint was always in the air somewhere.  My father, his father, and the two fathers before him were boat builders, so needless to say it was in the blood.

I am the owner of J&J BoatWorks, but over the years I have been the torchman, the fitter, the welder, the painter, the prop and drivetrain installer, the cabin builder, down to the guy who cleans the restroom.
I know what it takes to make a good quality product, and to maintain the quality standards I expect. 
I have had years of hands on experience doing the jobs above and making sure they are done right.

I'm not a guy who sells boats and barges from behind a desk that doesn't have a clue other than what the computer has to say about the barge in front of him.  I know boats and barges, not because it's my job, but because it's a part of my life.  My name, my business, my profession, and my integrity are all on the line with every product that is built in my shop.

When you need help figuring out what size barge you need for your project, I'm there.
When you need to have a boat designed that has enough horsepower to do your job, I'm there.
When you need a custom barge built that is built just for your specific job, I'm there.
When you need parts for your boat, or an extra set of pins for your barge, I'm there.

Quality in the products, and quality in the service goes beyond what words can say.
J&J BoatWorks, Inc., has been in business for over 15 years.  Building boats and barges is nothing without building a relationship with your customers. I know each customer, I have dealt with every person, or company that has bought from me, and J&J BoatWorks.

Our equipment is sold to:
 Marine Contractors, Dredgers, Diving Companies, Pile Drivers, Marina Owners, Drill Riggers, Environmental Agencies, U.S. Corp Of Engineers, Dock Builders, Sand and Gravel Co.'s, Shipyards,
Resorts, Home Owners, Oil Companies, Rental Companies, Seafood Companies, Salvage Contractors, Bridge Builders, Excavators, Mining Companies, City and State projects, Gov. Agencies, Coast to Coast, and Worldwide.

J&J BoatWorks is about making you a happy customer and keeping you as a happy customer.
We are not always the cheapest guy in town, but the quality we put into the equipment we build
and the customer support we offer is 2nd to none, and that's worth paying for. 

I look forward to helping you with your next project. Big or small I treat all customers with the same respect they deserve. Please enjoy the rest of the site. There are pictures of all the equipment we build, and full specs are here as well.  Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you,
Joe Breeck
J&J BoatWorks, Inc.


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